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Designers have no problem finding Geton either. As such beautiful creations are manufactured.

at GETON stainless steel 3 sculptures are created for the university in Heidelberg Germany.
This challenging project is carried out for the mathematics faculty of this university and is designed by mr. Koos Verhoeff , an authority at mathematics and an artist in arts.

The Hamilton Soccer Ball
Is a big Ball build up by 3D lasered stainless steel tube under the theoretical angels.
Then welded to 6 equal arms and subsequently to 3 equal elements.
The marriage between those 3 elements is of course the most exciting moment because we only know then that theory and practical feasibility fits together.
This sculpture has a mass from 375 kilogram and a diameter of 2,4 meters.
The ball is tight finished on the welds and will be pearl blasted completely.

The balancing Act
Is a crystal shape object build up out of triangles and composed of sheet metal by means of bending and welding.  The triangular tubes are subsequently welded together under the exact right angular position. Then all welds are tight finished and polished to a high gloss surface.
It is composed out of 2 times 2 equal elements and this crystal will with its mass of 350 kilogram as one big bright piece of artwork shine at the public square of the university.

Even more challenging and exciting is the creation of Lobke because there is no prescribed methodology to make such an artwork. Lobke is build up out of 6 big sheet metal plates of 8 millimetre thickness. Grinded and bended upfront under very narrow tolerances. Then the plates are polished high gloss before they are welded together. The welding of these parts together is a challenge because of the handling of the plates with a weight of 200 kilogram each.
The composed object in the shape of a flower and with a total mass of 1200 kilogram will be finished on one side with a high gloss polished surface and on the other side with a pearl blasted surface.



Skulpturen gefertigt für Mathematikon Heidelberg
The Hamilton Soccer Ball Is a big Ball build up by 3D lasered stainless steel tube under the theoretical a...

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