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To ensure that we can deliver what our clients require, Geton has modern machinery and equipment, including:

  • A Bystronic CNC laser cutting machine. 2.8 Kw
  • An Ermaksan CNC press brake, 220 ton, 4 meter
  • An Amada CNC press brake, 80 ton, 2 meter
  • Two Amada CNC punching machines.
  • A Hurco CNC milling machine.
  • A Lionlaser CNC laser engraving machine.
  • A Kaltenbach CNC sawing machine.
  • Various drilling/tapping machines.
  • Blasting cabinet for ceramic blasting
  • Polishing/Abrasive machines
  • Welding tables 6x2 meter, and  6 welding devices, brands: Migatronic and Kemppi
  • Various rollers.

To manage this machinery and equipment, Geton has a well-trained team and its team members can be mobilised in a flexible and multifunctional manner to ensure an excellent and quick end result. Digital work piece files are further worked on in the software Pro-Engineer.

Geton is also responsible for part of the engineering and assembly, which is why its clients have more time to focus on other aspects of their businesses.
In general, requests for a quotation are replied to within one single workday. Geton can act as swiftly since it works with modern ERP software, dedicated to the metal industry.
Geton works with a supplier network, which can act on the basis of the Geton requirements. Based on a well-organised Supply Chain Management system, finishing of various products can be realised quickly. Finishing includes:

  • Anodizing
  • Nickel-plating
  • Electrolytic polishing
  • Spraying and powder coating
  • Printing
  • Various surface hardening treatments

These competences emphasize the Geton added value to its clients. Geton is competent to deliver a high-quality product within a very short time.
Next, Geton is a recognised training company where students from vocational training institutes can learn to become a sheet-metal worker, to ensure that the metal industry will have sufficient professionals working in the future as well.


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