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Our clients

For many years Geton has been - and still is -  a reliable and trustworthy supplier for clients such as Philips, GE-Healthcare, ASML, VDL, IMA Life and Bosch. However, SME mechanical engineers have always known where to find Geton as well.

Designers and project leaders frequently visit Geton to discuss and test their design with regard to feasibility.

Famous designers had their designs produced by Geton, whereby - due to close cooperation and consultation-  amazingly beautiful products were created.


Art made by GETON, artists in stainless steel
GETON stainless steel produced and installed 3 stainless steel sculptures at the university in Heidelberg German...

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Geton invests in a new press brake
Geton Roestvrijstaalindustrie, the specialist in high-quality sheet-metal work products and frame structure invested ...

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Geton expands its polishing activities
Geton Roestvrijstaalindustrie further expanded its activities with regard to high-quality finishing.Recently a brand-...

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Pharmaceutical industry
Products for the pharmaceutical industry require a high-quality finish. Welds should often be partially or fully concealed...
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Food industry
The requirements applicable to the pharmaceutical companies apply to the food industry as well, meaning that finishing...
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