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Geton in metal

Geton employs people with a passion for sheet-metal work and constructions, specialised in stainless steel and an eye for detail. Geton is flexible, thinks along and supplies high-quality products in a very short delivery time. Based on years of experience and expertise, combined with smart machinery and equipment, Geton can deliver in accordance with the client's requirements in an efficient and swift manner. Geton delivers high-quality products with an excellent finishing at all times. This includes large manufacturing frames as well as precision parts in an assembly. Geton mobilises its craftsmanship and quality on markets related to the high-tech mechanical engineering, medical and pharmaceutical applications, the food industry, and esthetical works. As such Geton also operates on the international market and is constantly searching for expansion and innovation in technology, to relief clients. Companies such as ASML and Philips, but also creative companies who are constantly developing, have already frequently made use of the Geton craftsmanship and speed.


Geton present at FMB-2018
In 2005 the FMB platform was established to introduce machine building companies to the professionals of the industry...

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Art made by GETON, artists in stainless steel
GETON stainless steel produced and installed 3 stainless steel sculptures at the university in Heidelberg German...

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Geton invests in a new press brake
Geton Roestvrijstaalindustrie, the specialist in high-quality sheet-metal work products and frame structure invested ...

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Pharmaceutical industry
Products for the pharmaceutical industry require a high-quality finish. Welds should often be partially or fully concealed...
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Food industry
The requirements applicable to the pharmaceutical companies apply to the food industry as well, meaning that finishing...
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